Trader Joe’s Albero Spanish Sparkling White Wine

Albero Spanish Sparkling White Wine

Fresh from the bottom shelf, we bring you one of Trader Joe’s lowest end sparkling wines, the Albero Spanish Sparkling White Wine! It’s hard to say much about a bottle that only goes for $5, but I’m going to try.

Albero themselves tell me that this wine has, “fine bubbles, fresh and fruity. Creamy and velvety on the palate, sweet acidity with tones of fruits and white flowers.” Thanks, Albero. Now if only I actually ate white flowers and knew what their tones were like, that might mean something to me. Instead, I’m going to guess that white flowers taste like nothing, because this stuff is bland as hell and barely even carbonated.

Long story short, this stuff is cheap, but don’t buy it. There are other cheap and much tastier $5 sparkling wines at Trader Joe’s like the Schloss Biebrich Sekt. Get that instead.