Trader Joe’s Amour de Paris Peach Sparkling Wine

Amour de Paris Peach

Wow. Run away now, before even reading this. Stay the hell away from Trader Joe’s Amour de Paris. It’s a peach sparkling wine. Peach. Sparkling. Wine. That should have been my first clue to not buy it. Instead, seeing it on the shelf for a weeks, I finally broke down and puchased a bottle after reading some positive reviews on the internet. I might as well have picked up a sixer of Bartles & Jaymes and called it a night.

Amour de Paris is a peach flavored sparkling wine. It smells like fake peach flavoring. It tastes like they took some crappy champagne and added fake peach flavoring. I’m pretty sure the peach flavor only made things worse, not better. Whomever thought this was a good idea should lose their job.

Now, you could argue that it’s only $5, and at that price I should have low expectations. I disagree. For that same amount, I could have gone to Chipotle and bought a burrito. And I would have much rather had the burrito.