Trader Joe’s Louise d’Estrée Brut

Trader Joe's Louise d'Estree

Louise d’Estrée Brut is a perfect example of why Trader Joe’s sparkling wines are so divisive. At $8, it is a very reasonably priced bottle and very comparable to a large swatch of other generic Trader Joe’s proseccos and cavas. There is very little aroma, a very mild taste, and little to no finish.

To sparkling wine connoisseurs, this, of course, means that Louise d’Estrée Brut is the most bland wine in the universe. They recommend staying as far away from this bottle as possible. On the other hand, to the majority of Trader Joe’s shoppers who are average folks looking to drink a lot and spend a little, this is a great bottle of sparkling wine that is mellow, inoffensive, cheap, and crowd pleasing.

Which side of the fence do I come down on? Does it really matter? If you want bubbles and want them cheap, buy it. It’s drinkable. If you want something exquisite, don’t buy it. Seriously, it’s $8. It’s not like you’re buying a Maserati. Don’t think so hard.