Martellozzo Prosecco from Trader Joe’s

Martellozzo Prosecco

Martellozzo Prosecco is the pinnacle of sparkling wine at Trader Joe’s. Of all the Trader Joe’s Champagne, Cava, Sekt, and Prosecco I have sampled, not a single one gives you a tastier bang for your buck than the Martellozzo Prosecco. At first glance, it looks like perhaps the most generic bottle on the shelf with nary a brand or name visible. Don’t let that deter you from giving it a try.

At $7 a bottle, Martellozzo Prosecco is eminently affordable. It is worth the $2 extra dollars you spend to upgrade from the $5 range and it is so tasty that you’ll think you spent $12 on it! (we’re not comparing it to Moet here). This Prosecco is light with a somewhat citrus tone instead of the apple so common with Proseccos. It has some good bubbles and is incredibly smooth.

And that is all you really need from a sparkling wine. Sure, you a nice bottle of Champagne is going to be better than Martellozzo Prosecco, but you’re not going to find that for $7. It is critical to keep that context in mind when evaluating wines like this. The fancy stuff that all the expert tend to recommend easily cost four to ten times a bottle of Martellozzo Prosecco, and in most cases, I’d rather have the ten bottles of this than the one bottle of that.

Martellozzo Prosecco: The Verdict

Here’s the biggest negative: the cork. You need a corkscrew to open it which just seems wrong for sparkling wine (Update: Martellozzo Prosecco is now available as a screw top). That being said, I buy this by the case. It’s a great every day bottle to keep around the house! When you shop at Trader Joe’s, you have a lot options in sparkling wine. And I can honestly tell you, with the possible exception of Zonin Prosecco, no sparkling wine in the entire store comes close to the bang for your buck that you get from a bottle of Martellozzo Prosecco.