Echo Spring Bourbon – A Review

Echo Spring Bourbon

Echo Spring is a young (3yr old), light (80 proof) bourbon produced by the fine folks at Heaven Hill. This might remind you of another bourbon, Cabin Still, which is also from Heaven Hill, also 3yrs, and also 80 proof. Could they actually be exactly the same thing? Well, in terms of taste, price, and all that, they might as well be.

Echo Spring Bourbon was launched by the Buffalo Trace Distillery way back in 1933, fresh off the end of prohibition. Sine then, not much. It’s always there, always in a plastic bottle on the bottom shelf, and never really doing much to attract interest. I guess someone keeps buying it, because almost 80 years later, Heaven Hill is still making it.

The taste of it is similar to Cabin Still. Definitely not bad, just not much of a flavor at all. If you want a cheap mixer bourbon, you could do a lot worse than a 1.75L bottle of Echo Spring.