J.T.S. Brown – A Review

JTS Brown Bourbon

I can honestly say I’m getting pretty bored going through all these bottles of cheap Heaven Hill bourbon. The latest is J.T.S. Brown. At least that’s what the label tells me. However, if I was blindfolded, I could have easily mistaken it for Cabin Still, Echo Spring, or Henry McKenna. It yet another 80 proof bourbon from Heaven Hill that retails for around $10.

Unlike those other Heaven Hill products, J.T.S. Brown has developed somewhat of a following due to its pop culture prevalence. It’s most well known as the bourbon favorited by Fast Eddie Felson, Paul Newman’s memorable character from the Color of Money.

As to whether or not you should but this stuff, I say meh. It’s not bad and it’s $10. Have realistic expectations and you won’t be upset, but you’re not necessarily going to be finding a diamond in the rough with J.T.S. Brown.