Kentucky Supreme Bourbon – A Review

Kentucky Supreme Bourbon

No one talks much about Kentucky Supreme anymore. I can’t even seem to find it in the stores around me. But I do have this really old half empty bottle of it that’s been sitting in the back of the cabinet for god knows how long, so I thought I’d tell ya’ll about it. Kentucky Supreme Bourbon used to be a product of the Kentucky Supreme Distilling Co (perhaps better known for it’s Black Death Bourbon). From what I hear, Heaven Hill eventually purchased Kentucky Supreme, though I can’t find any record of that anywhere on the internet.

According to the bottle, Kentucky Supreme is an 86 proof bourbon that has been aged eight years. I think it has just a little more of a punch to it than you typical bottom shelf bourbon, but other than that there is nothing particularly distinctive about its taste. It is not awful by any means.

According to the price tag, this stuff was only $11 for a 1.75L back in 1978. I’d say that’s not a bad deal. Obviously, given the age of the bottle and the fact that I haven’t consumed it all, it’s not life changing.