Review: Elijah Craig 12 yr Bourbon

Elijah Craig 12yr Bourbon

As the younger of the Elijah Craigs, the Elijah Craig 12yr provides a nice balance of maturity and affordability. Distilled by Heaven Hill, this is one of the most reasonably priced 12yr bourbons on the market, usually retailing for less than $25. In that price range, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better.

Because of the time spent in barrel, Elijah Craig 12yr has a much darker, richer color than younger bourbons with a delicious smell to match. When it comes to flavor, this bourbon is quite oaky with just a hint of something citrusy coming through at the end.

Hands down, I recommend this bourbon based on the strong cost benefit it provides. It’s a bourbon you’ll want to drink neat and it’s less than $25. That is something you don’t find too often these days.