Review: Evan Williams Black Label

Evan Williams Black Label

There is a reason that Esquire named Evan Williams Black Label the best liquor under $15. Note, that isn’t just the best bourbon or best whiskey, it is the best liquor overall. That’s saying quite a bit. The reason, clearly, is not because Evan Williams Black Label is cheap, but bit is because it is absolutely delicious.

This is a bourbon with some body to it. It has a strong, mildly sweet flavor that is definitely easy going down. While I don’t normally drink this one neat, it is a very able stand in for mixed drinks and cocktails and can even go well with a few rocks.

Given the flavor of this, it’s shocking how cheap it is. The folks at Heaven Hill know how to give you a bargain (just check out the Elijah Craig 12yr) and this is another stellar performance for them on the cost benefit scale.