Review: Henry McKenna – Kentucky’s Finest Table Whiskey

Henry McKenna Bourbon

When you call yourself Kentucky’s Finest Table Whiskey, that probably means something. However, given that I have no idea what a table whiskey is, I’m not really sure what they folks at Heaven Hill are getting at with Henry McKenna. In my mind, “finest table whiskey” sounds like a fancy way of saying “best of the bottom shelf.”

Henry McKenna, typically selling for between $10-15, it a little more expensive than your typical bottom shelf bourbon. And for those extra dollars, you get a bourbon that tastes pretty much the same as a lot of other Heaven Hill low end bourbons. Does Heaven Hill secretly only make one low end product that they sell under eight different brands?

It doesn’t really matter. The same as all those other options, this bourbon is thoroughly average. It makes a fine mixer for every day consumption, but it isn’t one that I enjoy neat. For the price, I’d probably recommend one of the cheaper Heaven Hill options like straight up Heaven Hill Bourbon.