Review: T.W. Samuels Kentucky Blended Whiskey


Someone once told me, “there’s no worse bourbon than T.W. Samuels.” They were wrong. T.W. Samuels actually isn’t bourbon. It is what we call a Kentucky Blended Whiskey. What does that even mean? I’m not really sure, other than it means that it doesn’t meet the requirements to be labeled bourbon. T.W. Samuels does taste like death though.

Let’s start by saying that this stuff is cheap. I’ve ready some other reviews that argue that for $8, this stuff is really good. That logic makes no sense to me. That’s like saying McDonald’s is a great hamburger since it’s only $1. It’s still awful, it’s just cheap. That doesn’t change the fact that it tastes awful, it just means you wasted less money buying it.

Just stay away from T.W. Samuels. If you’re that broke that this is all you can afford, you’re probably better off just saving the money to help pay the bills.