Review: Trader Joe’s Quarles Harris 10 yr Tawny Port


We’re finally getting to the most drinkable port I’ve found at Trader Joe’s! The Quarles Harris 10 yr Tawny Port is a decent tawny port, aged ten years in barrels, that gives you a average, affordable option for an every day port. It will never be the best port in the world, but for only $16, you could do a lot worse.

Like the other Quarles Harris ports, you’re not going to be wowed by the aroma. However, the taste isn’t bad. It’s more complex and richer than the other Quarles Harris ports.

If you’re going to buy a bottle of port at Trader Joe’s, it should be the Quarles Harris 10 yr Tawny Port. While $6 more than both the Quarles Harris Ruby Port and Quarles Harris Tawny Port, the difference in quality is extreme and more than worth the incremental spend. However, if you can shop for port somewhere other than Trader Joe’s, you can probably find something better for the price.