Review: Eagle Rare 10 yr Single Barrel Bourbon

Eagle Rare 10yr Bourbon

Eagle Rare Bourbon has a more interesting history than people often realize. It was first released in 1975, developed by Charles Beam. This was before small batch bourbons came in vogue, so it was a unique undertaking. The Eagle Rare that Charles Beam distilled was somewhat different from the Eagle Rare of today. Both versions were aged ten years. However, the original Eagle Rare was bottled at 101 proof, and the current Eagle Rare is 90 proof. Additionally, Eagle Rare did not start off as a single barrel bourbon. When Sazerac purchased Eagle Rare in 1989, it was slow to change. The original version of Eagle Rare did not cease until 2005.

Eagle Rare 10 yr Single Barrel Bourbon, currently distilled at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, is a solid offering. The initial aroma is sweetness, mostly honey with some toffee and orange mixed in for good measure. The flavor is sweet and oaky with a medium finish. Given that this is a single barrel bourbon, subtleties can shift from barrel to barrel, though I have found it pretty consistent across the bottles I have consumed.

This is a bourbon I enjoy. Especially given the sub $30 price point, I find myself coming back to Eagle Rare again and again.