Review: Kentucky Tavern Bourbon

Kentucky Tavern Bourbon

A century ago, Kentucky Tavern Borubon was the pride of the Glenmore Distillery. First trademarked in 1903, Kentucky Tavern Bourbon was a top seller for Glenmore and produced in their Owensboro distillery. It remained in this position until the 1990’s when Glenmore was sold to Guiness and rebranded United Distillers which itself was sold to Barton Brands in 1995 (which was then sold to Sazerac in 2009 – whew). The point is that this bourbon, after a good, long run, has switched hands a number of times in the recent decades.

Today, Kentucky Tavern Bourbon is distilled in Bardstown, KY at the Barton Distillery. It looks more copper than amber in tone. The aromas of Kentucky Tavern are primarily caramel and raisins. This bourbon is dry with a somewhat average body. After you get through the sweetness, it does have some pepper and spice to make things interesting.

I would say that Kentucky Tavern is a pretty decent cheap bourbon. And by cheap, I mean less than $10 a bottle. Would I drink this every day? No. Would I drink this straight? No. Would I mind is someone mixed it with some coke and served it to me? No. It is cost effective and inoffensive for sure.