Review: Knob Creek Bourbon

Knob Creek Bourbon

I love Knob Creek Bourbon for so many reasons. First and foremost, as a Kentucky native living in Illinois, it always surprises me how much this state has adopted Abraham Lincoln as one of their own and chosen to forget that he was a Kentuckian. In fact, almost everyone from Illinois I ask think he was born here. The folks behind Knob Creek (Beam Inc) feel my pain, so they named their bourbon after Lincoln’s childhood home in Kentucky. That makes for great bar conversation.

The other reason I love Knob Creek is because they ran out in 2009. What does that mean? Since this is a 9 yr old bourbon, Beam Inc has to estimate each year how much bourbon they think they’re going to sell 9 yrs from now. They underestimated how popular Knob Creek would become, and they literally sold it all in 2009. Stores ran out, and it was not on the shelves for months. So why does this make me happy? It means Beam Inc cares about the quality of Knob Creek. Other distillers might try to make a similar tasting blend from other 9 yr old barrels they have laying around the rack house. Not these guys. I appreciate that they’re willing to pass on the revenue to ensure consistent quality.

The reason Knob Creek has grown so quickly is because it is delicious. Bottled at 100 proof, you can barely noticed the elevated alcohol content in the aroma or taste. The aroma is very nutty with a lot of oak and the taste is rich, with more wood and just the right amount of sweetness leading to a long, delicious finish. This is a stellar bourbon.

I am almost never without a bottle of Knob Creek in my home. It is always a favorite and at $30, it is incredibly priced for the quality of bourbon you get. I highly recommend it.