Review: Mattingly & Moore Bourbon

Mattingly and Moore Bourbon

I love the story of Mattingly & Moore Bourbon. It all starts late in the 1800’s when two gentlemen – Tom Moore and Ben Mattingly fell in love with the Willett sisters. For those of you unfamiliar with the Willett’s, they have been one of the premier families in Kentucky bourbon distilling from the early days to the present. Both Tom and Ben married their sweethearts, and years later, their father-in-law signed over ownership of the Willett & Frenke distillery to them. I’m not really sure what happened to Frenke, but Tom and Ben rechristened their operation Mattingly & Moore.

One of the first products out of the Mattingly & Moore distillery was Mattingly & Moore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Fast forward to today, Mattingly & Moore is now owned by someone else, but it is still getting produced more than a century later. Aged five years and bottled at 86 proof, it lives up to its tag line of, “Mild and Mellow.” Some people might find it too basic, though people who like their bourbon uncomplicated will truly enjoy Mattingly & Moore.

Mattingly & Moore Bourbon is a great option for people who are used to buying things like Jim Beam and are looking for a change of pace that is around the same price or even a bit cheaper. Within that frame, Mattingly & Moore Bourbon can be a very good choice.