Review: Old Taylor Bourbon

Old Taylor Bourbon

Old Taylor Bourbon has a long, albeit twisted history. It is currently part of the Buffalo Trace stable of brands. Interestingly enough, more than a century ago, Old Taylor was part of the company that would decades later become Buffalo Trace. Passing through many hands along the way, Buffalo Trace parent company Sazerac acquired Old Taylor from Beam as part of the same transaction in which it sold Effen Vodka to Beam. Obviously, given Effen’s strong market position, it wasn’t a one for one trade.

Sazerac got Old Taylor, cash, and a six year supply of Old Taylor Bourbon. Old Taylor is bottled at six years, and this supply allows Buffalo Trace time to produce and age their own version. Given that this only happened three years ago (2009), the Old Taylor in bottles today is still a Beam product. There isn’t much special about it. It is perfectly decent, but that’s about it.

I am quite curious what Buffalo Trace is going to do with Old Taylor. There was a general feeling that Beam didn’t put a lot of effort into the brand. Given the excellent work that Buffalo Trace typically does, I am expecting a different approach and can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle from the first Buffalo Trace batch in 2015!