Review: Very Old Barton Bourbon

Very Old Barton Bourbon

Very Old Barton Bourbon is, in fact, not very old. I thought you should know that upfront. End the lies, I say. It’s six years old. Even in dog years – which are very similar to bourbon years – that is, at best, middle aged. Usually any relationship built upon a foundation of lies (like my relationship with Very Old Barton Bourbon) is destined to fail. Fortunately for Very Old Barton and me, we’ve figured out a way to work through it.

Very Old Barton is a cheap bourbon. Some might even consider it bottom shelf. However, this is a bourbon where its flavor far outpaces its price. I found Very Old Barton Bourbon to be very nutty, with significant banana and tobacco flavors. They blended nicely for a much more complex bourbon than I expected given its price range.

This is a bourbon that offers significant quality for its price. If I had a “Best Bang for Your Buck All-Star List”, Very Old Barton Bourbon would be on it. Next time you’re feeling a little short on cash but still want some good bourbon, I recommend giving Very Old Barton Bourbon a try.