Review: Babble Red Wine from Trader Joe’s

Babble Red Wine

Sick of tasting sauvignon blanc, I picked up a bottle of Babble Red Wine from Trader Joe’s. I grabbed this specific bottle not only because it came in at the low, low price of $7, but also because the guys working at Trader Joe’s recommended it. In general, I have had a lot of success asking the people working there for recommendations on what they like to drink. Nine times out of ten, they have steered me to good places.

The Babble Red was no exception. From Mendocino, California, this wine is a blend of petit sirah, syrah, merlot, and a few other things to round it out. The blending leads to a very full, rich wine with dark fruit and even some chocolate flavors that stay in your mouth long after it has gone down. I felt like I should be enjoying it with a steak fresh off the grill.

I definitely recommend giving the Babble Red a try next time you are at Trader Joe’s. It has the two most important things going for it. First, it is cheap. Second, it is tasty. What more could you want from a wine?