Review: Flying Heart Red from Trader Joe’s

Flying Heart Red Wine

Sometimes, when I am at Trader Joe’s, I find it hard to choose between $5 bottles of wine. Often, I have not tried them before, I know nothing about the wineries, and really, I have no basis on which to make an informed decision. I ran into exactly this scenario last weekend at Trader Joe’s. In the end, I made my decision on the ultimate tie-breaking criteria: which wine had the cooler label. In this instance the winner was Flying Heart Red (it has a heart with wings!). I grabbed a bottle for $5 and took it home to try out.

The Flying Heart Red is a blend of practically every red wine you’ve ever heard of. Is Merlot in there? Yes. How about Cabernet Sauvignon? Check. Zinfindel? That’s there there. Cabernet Franc? That too. Syrah? Yes, it has Syrah as well. In fact, it has even more than that. Chardonnay. This is a red blend with Chardonnay. Weird, right? When you are blending so many different grapes, things are either going to be great or they are going to be an absolute mess of competing flavors.

This wine is decent. It has a lot of sweet berry flavors that almost make it taste like alcoholic grape juice. It does go down easy, but it is not what I’m looking for in a bottle of red wine – even a $5 one.