Review: Grifone Chianti Riserva from Trader Joe’s

Grifone Chianti Riserva

As frequent readers of this site know, there are a couple things that I am a complete sucker for. One is wine with eye catching labels. Another is cheap wine. A third is Chianti. Luckily for me, when shopping at the Trader Joe’s wine section the other day, all three of these thing combined in a single bottle of wine. Is there an eye catching label? It has a sweet griffin on it! Is it cheap? This bottle is only $6! Is it Chianti? Yes, yes it is. And with that, I could not say no to buying a bottle of Grifone Chianti Riserva.

The Grifone Chianti Riserva is a nice blend of primarily Sangiovese spiced up with 10% of Canaiolo and 5% of Cabernet Sauvignon. These grapes lead to a rich, full flavored red wine that stands up nicely to robust flavors. Quick fact: for Chianti to be called Riserva, it has to be aged for three years. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I like to keep my wine + food thematic and pair Grifone Chianti Riserva with some Italian food, usually a good bolognese. Overall, I say buy this stuff. While it is not as good as some Chianti that you can buy at Trader Joe’s, it is half the price of the better wines. For $6, this bottle is worth picking up.