Review: Seccola Frizzante from Trader Joe’s

Seccola Frizzante

It is getting pretty hot around here. The temperatures are getting up in the 90’s, the sun is shinning, and barbecue season is definitely upon us. For me, the means that it is time to break out the light, refreshing, bubbly wines for the summer! I already have my go-to favorites, but I do like to try new things. This week, while at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a promising-looking bottle of Frizzante from the fine folks at Seccola.

Frizzante is a type of sparkling wine made in the same method as prosecco. It is not as fancy as champagne, given the more industrial nature of production, but it leads to a nice bubbly product for a low cost. In the case of Seccola Frizzante, Trader Joe’s sells it for around $5. How can you go wrong with only spending $5?

Seccola Frizzante is a blend of Malvasia and Garganega grapes. I have no idea what those grapes are or what to expect. Upon first opening the bottle, I noticed a distinct fruity aroma. The flavor is not as light as I expected, with more robustness and energy that I would think from a $5 bottle. It has a nice amount of bubbles that makes it feel good going down. Overall, this is not my favorite bubbly from Trader Joe’s, but the Seccola Frizzante is definitely worth trying.