Review: Trellis Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joe’s

Trellis Sauvignon Blanc

We do not tend to review many white wines around here (unless they have bubbles in them). There is a simple reason for that. We just don’t drink them that often. However, as the temperatures are soaring, we decided to bite the bullet, pick up a few cheap bottles of white wine from Trader Joe’s and give it a go. The first bottle we tried was the Trellis Sauvignon Blanc which retailed for $6.

Trellis Sauvignon Blanc is a produced in Sonoma County, California. It is a very fruity white wine. It was immediately surprising how much fruit we tasted. Evident from the first sip, we knew this was going to be something that would pair with a nice piece of tilapia with a mango lime salsa. And we were right. Yahtzee!

While crisp and fruity, this is a wine that only shines when paired with the right thing. It is a dangerous wine, because if you are having it with something off, I really do not think you will enjoy it. So pick up a bottle, but be sure that you have a solid plan when you do.