Review: Zapopan Tequila Blanco from Trader Joe’s

Zapopan Tequila Blanco

Being from the midwest, I never realized until a recent trip to California that Trader Joe’s sells their own tequila, exclusively made for them! This is game changing. What’s next, Trader Joe’s whiskey? One can only hope. And here I got all excited about Costco Kirkland Select Bourbon. In the meantime, step it up midwest Trader Joe’s and get some hard liquor on the shelves! While I wait for that to happen, I’m going to busy myself trying out this Zapopan Tequila Blanco.

Even though I am somewhat exuberant conceptually, I did have some reservations about this one. After all, it is cheap ($10 for a liter) tequila. We’ve all had one of those nights with too much cheap tequila. Despite the low price, this is 100% agave tequila, which means it is decently made. After sampling the flavor, I’d say that it isn’t bad.

I would not recommend drinking Zapopan Tequila Blanco straight. It is not horrible by any means, but it is not good enough to stand up to that. However, I did find that this stuff was more than adequate for margarita time!