Review: Dearly Beloved Forever Red Wine from Trader Joe’s

Dearly Beloved Forever Red Wine
Red blends like the Dearly Beloved Forever Red seem to be growing in popularity at Trader Joe’s. Either that, or Trader Joe’s is just stocking more and more of them in prominent places. Maybe it is because they sell well, given that they are often tasty, and the fact that they are a blend often allows them to keep the price under $10. The Dearly Beloved Forever Red is only $7. I’m going to go with another theory, however. I think the bottles look awesome. After all, Dearly Beloved Forever Red has a really cool looking skull on it. Who could resist that?

On to the wine itself! After being lured in by the bottle and the low price, we actually had to drink this stuff. It is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese Carignane, and Grenache. They come together after 18 months of oak aging to have a red fruity flavor with just a bit of wood to finish it off.

While I found the Dearly Beloved Forever Red Wine from Trader Joe’s rather simple and straight-forward, it was enjoyably so. When you want something that is not too complex, has a cool bottle, and retails for only $7, I recommend you pick up a bottle of this stuff.