Review: Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon Wine from Trader Joe’s

Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon
Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Trader Joe’s is another example of how they are really getting a lot of quality wines on their shelves from Paso Robles and doing so cheaply. We have always know that Paso Robles is home to some of the best wines California produces. What is somewhat new to us is how many of these are turning up on the shelves at Trader Joe’s, and how many of them are selling for less than $10. We recently picked up this bottle of Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon¬†from Trader Joe’s for only $8 and had to give it a try.

The Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon is, as you would expect from any Cabernet Sauvignon, a big, heavy wine. It is incredibly full bodied and rich. This is not a wine for timid pairings but instead something that needs to accompany bold flavors. The wine itself is strong in dark red fruit flavors with a little vanilla and chocolate adding a hint of sweetness to the long finish.

I enjoyed the Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon. If you like your wines big and heavy and have some strongly flavored food to pair it with, I recommend picking up a bottle today for only $8!