Review: Vodka of the Gods from Trader Joe’s

Vodka of the Gods
Only a few states are lucky enough to have liquor available in their local Trader Joe’s. The rest of you should be jealous. Trader Joe’s has all sorts of great finds in the liquor section that are really fabulous. And then there is their private label vodka, Vodka of the Gods. Trader Joe’s vodka? Sign me up! Coming in a plastic 1.75 liter jug, this stuff is definitely cheap at a price of only $10.

The best part of Vodka of the Gods is the name. Seriously, even if it wasn’t Trader Joe’s private label, I probably would have given it a try based on that alone. I did read a few reviews around that internet that said some halfway decent things about it. To me, it felt like I was drinking Skol. There’s no need to review this stuff in more detail. I don’t care about the flavor or nuances in it. Just bad all around.

In all honesty, this might be the worst thing I ever bought from Trader Joe’s. Even as a mixer, it isn’t worth the $10. Unless you’re a dead broke college student looking for the absilute cheapest way to get drunk, I recommend you stay away.