Review: Almond Creek Vineyards Almond Sparkling Wine

Do you love almonds? Did you ever wish someone would add almond flavoring to your sweet sparkling wine? If so, you are in luck, and Almond Creek Vineyards has made your dream come true with their Almond Sparkling Wine! For the rest of us left wondering why you would ever want that much almond flavor artificially added to sparkling wine, well, consider this an educational adventure into possible ways to bastardize something you love.

I believe that Almond Creek Vineyards Almond Sparkling Wine is a sparkling wine for people who do not normally like sparkling wine. It is on the sweeter side and has the almond flavoring shining through so that really, unless you really like almonds, you are not going to want to drink more than one glass of this. And it does add all sorts of unnecessary complications when pairing with anything other than dessert.

Given that the Almond Creek Vineyards Almond Sparkling Wine is only $6 at Trader Joe’s, I can understand why people are drawn to it. It is simple, sweet, and cheap. That’s a perfect recipe to make a lot of people happy. However, if you like your sparklers to be drier or more complex, this is definitely not the wine for you.