Review: La Riojana 1591 Torrontes Dolce

The confusingly named La Riojana 1591 Torrontes Dolce is a sparkling white wine you can pick up at Trader Joe’s for only $7. This wine in made from Torrontes grapes (hence the name, obviously) grown in Argentina. It is incredibly gentle at only 7.5% alcohol, which almost makes it beer-like in category rather than wine. You can sit around and drink a whole bottle of this stuff without it getting you too crazy. If you take that as a good thing, it is a plus. On the other hand, if you think you paid $7 for something that isn’t even that alcoholic (I’m looking at you, broke college students), you’re not maximizing your inebriation per dollar.

La Riojana 1591 Torrontes Dolce is incredibly light with some fruit flavor powering through the sweetness. It almost reminds me of an alcoholic Fresca, if you can imagine that. The bubbles are nice and it feels as carbonated as a soda.

This is not a wine for me. That being said, it will appeal to a lot of people who want a wine that is a little sweeter and a little less alcoholic to sip all day in the sun. If you’re one of those people, go to Trader Joe’s, pick up a bottle of La Riojana 1591 Torrontes Dolce, and give it a try!