Review: Villa Alena Moscato from Trader Joe’s

Villa Alena Moscato
Once you get over the weird looking bottle, Villa Alena Moscato is really not that bad of a choice when you need a good, lightly sparkling wine for a price that is very easy on the wallet. That being said, the bottle does look really dumb. I never learned that lesson about judging a book by its cover. You can pick up a bottle of Villa Alena Moscato at Trader Joe’s for only $8, so make sure you have those expectation appropriately pegged when going into this one.

Villa Alena Moscato has much lighter carbonation that I prefer but am willing to forgive them this one time. Primarily apricot flavored, a few other sweet notes come through to balance out the experience and leave each sip a thoroughly refreshing, albeit somewhat simple event.

Really, for only $8, this is a good buy. It did not wow me by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a very inoffensive wine that will definitely be a crowd pleaser. The biggest downside is the 5.5% alcohol, so you’re really going to need a few bottles to get you through the night.