Review: J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec

JP Cahors Malbec
It is hard not to be drawn to the oddly shaped bottle of J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec. Squat and dumpy with an odd indentation and a slightly angled neck, I was intrigued, if nothing else. It was enough to get me to add it to my cart with no other information. When I got back to the internets, I learned that this odd bottle style is a trademark of all J.P. Chenet wines. It is an interesting marketing tactic. It obviously worked to get me to pick up my first bottle of their wine, in this case the J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec. However, getting me to buy the first bottle is one thing, but in order to get me to come back for another, the wine itself had to deliver.

J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec is, as the name implies, from the Cahors region of southwestern France. This is a region known for great Malbec. The J.P. Chenet variety, which is 14% alcohol, has significant competition. It is a deep wine with thick body and a red so dark you cannot see much into it at all. The flavor is heavy, a lot currant and a little bit of spice. It went down quite smoothly.

At $10 a bottle, I was happy with m purchase of J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec and would do so again happily. If you are planning to sit down and enjoy a nice big hunk of red meat sometime in the near future, pick up a bottle of the J.P. Chenet Cahors Malbec to enjoy along with it.