Review: Rabbit Trick Syrah

Rabbit Trick Syrah

Rabbit Trick Syrah is a delightful red wine made from a blend of Syrah grapes grown from all sorts of places across California. Typically, most blends we review are blends of different types of grapes. This one is different in that all the grapes are the same, only the geography changes. The changing geography allows the folks behind Rabbit Trick to balance out the characteristics of different climates and growing regions across California in order to produce a consistent, balanced product every time.

The Rabbit Trick Syrah has some deep fruit flavors contrasted with just the right amount of spice. If someone told you that spicy and plum went together, you probably would not believe them. However, that is exactly what happens with this wine. The Rabbit Trick Syrah pulls it off quite well.

The wine was only $6 at Trader Joe’s, and at that price, it is definitely worth a try. It is not number one on our list of favorite Syrah, however it is a Syrah you should pick up if you want something pretty good for a budget price.