Review: Yellow Tail Shiraz

Yellow Tail Shiraz
At only $6, Yellow Tail Shiraz is a nice, affordable wine that is pretty enjoyable to drink. Also, it is from Australia, and we all know that good things come from Australia. Good things like Paul Hogan. Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee was a bold character, and I feel like this Yellow Tail Shiraz is somewhat of the blod wine equivalent. What does that even mean? Think about it. It’ll come to you.

Yellow Tail Shiraz is dry, light, and balanced – directly in line with what I expect from a Shiraz. The only flavors I tasted through the notes of oak were punches of cherry and vanilla. Yellow Tail recommends pairing this Shiraz with sausages. I can see where their heads are at with that one. Next time that I have a Shiraz and Sausages party, I will be serving Yellow Tail Shiraz.

I recommend you pick up a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz. We hate on Yellow Tail a decent amount due to its omnipresent-ness and cheap nature, but they really do put out some worthwhile wines, including this, the Yellow Tail Shiraz, which is the Paul Hogan of wines.