Andre Brut California Champagne Review

Andre Brut California Champagne

Andre Brut California Champagne, while not technically Champagne as far as I can tell, is the closest thing Andre has to a “flagship” sparkling wine product. You can find Andre Brut just about everywhere Andre is sold. Because of this, we surmised that it was most likely one of the better Andre offerings. After all, why would they push it to the top of the Andre heap otherwise?

Andre Brut Champagne has a combination of lemon and green apple flavors that seemed sweeter than I typically expect from a brut (though the residual sugar is only 2.3g/100ml). Unfortunately, the flavors seem to be constantly at battle with one another, leaving it off-putting and ill-aligned.

If there ever was a flagship of the Andre line of sparkling wines, I would nominate Andre Brut California Champagne for that position. While not everything I have to say about it is positive, it does occupy a place in my mind as the most “normal” of Andre wines. By normal, I mean it is just bubbly, with any strawberry or weird peach added to it. That should allow it to shine when compare to the rest of the Andre portfolio.

Andre Brut California Champagne: The Verdict

The Andre Brut California Champagne is not horrible by any means. It is definitely drinkable, and it will not kill you. However, you can do much better with your $5. Andre Brut California Champagne might be one of premier choices when in a pickle at 7-Eleven with less than $6 bucks to spend. There are not many other options in that scenario. But if you can get to Trader Joe’s and you can spend an extra $1 or $2 more, then there are a plethora of other options to meet your sparkling wine needs that are far superior to Andre Brut California Champagne!