Review: Andre Spumante California Sparkling Wine

Andre Spumante

Andre Spumante California Sparkling Wine is one of Andre’s many sparkling wine options that you can purchase at your local neighborhood gas station for $5 or less. Given that this wine is so cheap, it really is hard to provide too much critical feedback. After all, you can get a whole bottle of this from 7-11 for the same price you might pay for a single beer at a bar. However, you don’t want to drink it just because it is cheap. You are looking for a good value that offers surprising quality for a lower price. With your needs in mind, we got to drinking.

The Andre Spumante California Sparkling Wine is Andre’s attempt to make a lighter sparkling wine with “Muscat-type flavors” though there is no mention if they actually use Muscat grapes in the wine. Like many Andre wines, this one is overly sweet which tends to make the flavors taste more artificial than we would prefer.

Overall, despite the absurdly low price, I cannot in good conscience recommend the Andre Spumante California Sparkling Wine. It just is not good. I can understand the argument that it makes good mimosas and whatnot, but I recommend you slightly expand your budget to $7, go to Trader Joe’s, and buy a pretty good bottle of sparkling wine.