Review: Barefoot Wine Red Moscato

Barefoot Red Moscato

The Barefoot Wine Red Moscato is the cousin of the recently reviewed Barefoot Wine Moscato. As you might have noticed, we have completed our movement through every Barefoot white wine and are now moving onto their red wine offerings. Red Moscato is a good bridge from white to red, as it is a sweet red that shares much in common with the most recent whites we drank (Barefoot Moscato and Barefoot Riesling), but it is move more in color and profile towards the reds.

The Barefoot Wine Red Moscato is a definite upgrade over the Barefoot Wine Moscato. While the Red Moscato has most of the same sweetness of the regular Moscato, our tasters found it much more balanced with berry and cherry flavors. It is still a sweet wine, but it at least has it moderated in a way to make it drinkable.

We found that this wine was difficult to appropriately pair with most foods. Almost every one of our tasters preferred it on its own as an aperitif or a liquid dessert. If you are going to serve the Barefoot Wine Red Moscato to company, pop it open either at the start or end of the meal.

While we cannot strongly recommend this wine, it was a definite upgrade over some of the other Barefoot offerings. If you are looking to spend $7 on a sweet Barefoot wine, this is one of your better options. But be warned, it is really, really, sweet.