Barefoot Sweet Red Wine Review

Barefoot Sweet Red

The Barefoot Sweet Red wine is a mystery. What is a Sweet Red and why does it exist? As part of our goal to drink every wine Barefoot makes, we set out to answer not only these questions but more. In the interest of science, we assembled a tasting panel, went to the grocery store, and plopped down $7 on this enigma of a wine. With that covered, we got to tasting.

Barefoot recommends that you drink the Barefoot Sweet Red chilled. If nothing else, we are good at following directions. You get pretty far in life by just following directions. This is especially true in a couple areas. Probably the most important place to follow directions is when putting together Ikea furniture. I strongly recommend that you don’t go off in your own direction there. Another place where following directions really does come in quite handy is in terms of wine serving temperatures. The people who make the stuff general know when it is going to taste best, so go with what they say. After getting this out of the fridge, the most common thing we heard from the tasting panel was that this reminded them of fruit punch. Unfortunately, they did not mean that as a compliment.

Barefoot Sweet Red: The Verdict

Barefoot Sweet Red is a wine that does not really pair with anything nor does it really merit drinking. It is hard to say anything much worse about a bottle of wine. I guess it would be worse if drinking Barefoot Sweet Red actually killed you, but despite it being bad, it really isn’t quite that awful. We cannot recommend that you give it a try. For your $7, you can get a much better wine, even from Barefoot Wines, than a bottle of the Barefoot Sweet Red.