Review: Louise d’Estree Brut Rose

Louise d’Estree Brut Rose
Louise d’Estree Brut Rose is the latest offering at Trader Joe’s from the people at Louise d’Estree. For a long time now, we have consistently been pleased with the standard Louise d’Estree Brut. It always was a great choice for a value price. However, Louise d’Estree could not leave things well enough alone and felt the need to expand. Would they succeed in carrying over that history of low cost and good quality when the entered the complicated world of rose? I am sure I am not the only one who asked that question, so in the interest of science, I got to drinking.

Louise d’Estree Brut Rose escapes that pitfall of many roses that end up far too fruity. There is a touch of fruit there and not much more. This is a good thing because it lets the other flavors come together with a nice, dry rose that is not too sweet.

Without a doubt, I was surprised by the Louise d’Estree Brut Rose. I was expecting something excessively fruity and sweet. Instead I got a decently well balanced, drinkable rose. This is a bottle of rose that is well worth the $8 it is going to cost you at Trader Joe’s.