Review: Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Yellow Tail Chardonnay
The Yellow Tail Chardonnay is there to remind us that every time you buy a cheap wine, it is a gamble. This is especially true with any cheap wine you buy at the gas station. You are going to win some, and you are going to lose some. That is just the way life is. Unfortunately, on those days when you pick a loser, life is really unpleasant. The other day we sat back to enjoy the Chardonnay offering from the fine folks at Yellow Tail (Australia’s most famous producer of wine) and ended up in the unfortunate category.

Yellow Tail Chardonnay is light and creamy, but the flavors just do not come together the way we want them to. There is a strong fruitiness that seems pleasant at first, but then as it finishes it turns odd and undesirable.

Overall, this wine was not awful, but it was definitely one to avoid. We will never pick up another bottle of the Yellow Tail Chardonnay.