Review: Yellow Tail Riesling

Yellow Tail Riesling

The Yellow Tail Riesling was a incredibly pleasant surprise. Usually, cheap Riesling leads to bad times. They are so easy to get wrong, and often the cheaper end of the spectrum tries to compensate for mediocre flavor by making the wine way more sweet than it needs to be. Nobody wants that. When only spending $6 on the Yellow Tail Riesling, I was definitely worried that the same would hold true here. Luckily, I was wrong.

The Yellow Tail Riesling has a surprising amount of body. Equally surprising is the sweetness. There is some honey, but it is amazingly mild. It is almost more rich than sweet. At the end, there is a hint of pear to pull the whole thing together in a refreshing burst of yummy.

I would recommend the Yellow Tail Riesling. It was definitely one of the better Yellow Tail white wine offerings. And because the sweetness was so moderate, it makes the Yellow Tail Riesling quite versatile, able to be paired with everything from beef tenderloin to chicken to seafood.