Review: Cocobon Wine Red Blend from Trader Joe’s

Cocobon Red Wine

If there is a single red blend that gets fans of Trader Joe’s wine more excited than any other, it has to be the Cocobon wine. Talking to the fine associates in the wine department, reading all sorts of other wine reviews, and listening to the word on the street, all are unanimous that this wine is a definite winner. While many blended red wines vary year to year, some to a great extent, the Cocobon red has been consistently delightful year after year. The best part about it all is that it is only $7.

Though the Cocobon Red Wine is a blend, the dominant presence of Zinfandel permeates the drinking experience. It has a lush red color and an aroma of red fruit. With each sip, flavors of vanilla, cherry and chocolate compete for the lead, though in a way that plays off each other enjoyably. There may even be just a touch of raspberry in there as well. The finish is soft and mild.

It used to be that Cocobon Wine was hard to find at Trader Joe’s, only available at certain times of the year and only then in limited quantities. The good news is that Trader Joe’s seems to have realized that people like this one. Now it is on the shelf more often and for longer periods of time, at least according to the anecdotal evidence available. That is good news for the lovers of Cocobon Red Blend.

Cocobon Wine: The Verdict

The Cocobon Wine, despite my flowing praise, will not change your life. It probably will not even be the best wine you have ever had. However, it is only $7. I have yet to find a more consistent, crowd-pleasing, every day wine for anything near that price. I recommend buying this wine (and buying more than one bottle).