Review: Junebug Pinot Grigio

Junebug Pinot Grigio

When browsing the wine section of Target the other day (perhaps one of my favorite hobbies other than drinking my purchases from the Target wine section), I came across an interesting looking bottle. It was the Junebug Pinot Grigio. They definitely scored a few points with me for graphic design, and at $11, the price wasn’t too bad either. This is an interesting wine with not much written about it on the internet. Based on the mild amount of research I did, it appears that this label is owned by Sutter Home.

The Junebug Pinot Grigio is about what I expected in such a wine. There is a lot of fruit on both the aroma and flavor. I believe there is peach in there and a little citrus as well. This wine is incredibly light and goes down easy.

If I had to recommend the Junebug Pinot Grigio, I would recommend it for a hot day at the beach or a summer afternoon in the back yard. This is a refreshing wine best paired with hot weather and the great outdoors.