Review: Martini Asti Sparkling Wine

Martini Asti Sparkling Wine

Martini Asti is one of four sparkling wine choices by the people also known as Martini & Rossi. For a while now, I consistently thought of them as the company that produced Vermouth. Whether it was sweet or dry, they were the people to go to. I was quite shocked one day while walking the aisles of my local supermarket to discover that they had a line of sparkling wines as well! Speaking of the grocery store, you can find the Martini Asti in almost every grocery store for a reasonable price of $11.

Martini Asti is one of the lighter and fruitier sparkling wines from the Martini family. Made from the Moscato Bianco grape, it has more sweetness than many sparkling wines, which, when paired with the fruitiness, make this more of a casual wine rather than something I would pair with a meal.

This is a wine that I would recommend to the people that do not like wine that much. There are plenty of people who will freely admit that they do not appreciate a $30 bottle of brut champagne, but on occasion they want to celebrate a special occasion with something bubbly. This is the exact wine for them, but not for the serious champagne lover.