Review: promisQous Red Wine

promisQous California Red Wine

promisQous is a self-described “California Red Table Wine.” I picked my bottle up from Target for slightly less than $10. The name isn’t a reference to any sort of relationship advice from the wine maker. Instead, it is a fun reference to the multi-grape nature of this wine. They blend together all sorts of different varietals with the goal of creating an “intense sensory experience.” I know I’m quoting from the bottle a lot here, but it is a really informative bottle! Let’s now move on to what was inside of it.

I say “was” because I quickly drank all of this one. This is a balanced wine that went down smoothly. There are two main things going on with this one. First, you get the fruit. It is immediately noticeable in the aroma and carries through with the flavor. It is berry-focused and mostly red berries. That is balanced with the contrasting spice. They are able to pull it off though the different characteristics of the grapes they bring together in the blend.

I think you should give promisQous Red Wine a try. It is a great choice for an every day wine. I’d say that it is a solid value. Next time you need a wine that will pair well with almost any meat and not hit you too hard in the wallet, pick up a bottle of this.