Review: Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot

Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot

Every time I pick up a bottle of Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot, I cannot help but feel like I am clearly outside of their target market. That being said, I always tell people to judge a wine based on what is inside the bottle. Just because this wine seems significantly geared towards a female audience, I can still enjoy drinking it. This bottle came from Target (where else?) and ran me $12.

The Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot is a blend of almost 95% Merlot rounded out with some Malbec. Produced in California, this Merlot comes in at 13.7% abv. It has a pleasant aroma of red fruit that follows through into the flavor. There is a little something else on the palate as well, perhaps vanilla?

I found the Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot to be drinkable and decent. There are a lot of wines that fall into that category. If someone had served this one to me and I did not know what I was drinking, I would have been generally satisfied. Unfortunately, I bought this one myself, and I cannot shake the feeling that I could recommend this wine if it were $9 instead of $12.