Review: Middle Sister Rebel Red

Middle Sister Rebel Red

Middle Sister Rebel Red is a blend of almost every red grape you can think of. There is 38% Zinfandel, 34% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Syrah, and then finally it is topped off with 2% “mixed red varietals” (aka other). These grapes all come from California, though they come from a variety of places across the state. The largest single region is Lodi, which accounts for 42%. We found this specific bottle of wine at Target of all place where it was retailing for slightly more than $10.

If I had to describe Middle Sister Rebel Red with a single word, it would be berryful (and, yes, I know that is not actually a real word). Whether we are talking about the aroma, the flavor, or the finish, this wine really just resonates with berries, both of the red and the dark varieties.

While this focus on berries leaves Middle Sister Rebel Red a somewhat single dimensional wine, it is not bad by any means. If you enjoy simpler wines or want something that is decently crowd pleasing, this is a good choice.