Review: Wine Cube Pinot Noir

Wine Cube Pinot Noir

This is our first boxed wine review, and boy am I excited! I feel like I am breaking down some kind of metaphorical wall. I chose the Wine Cube Pinot Noir to be our first because I heard it was something special. Wine Cube is a Target private label brand of boxed wines reportedly made for them by Trinchero Family Estates (the same folks behind Sutter Home, Menage a Trois and more).

It is definitely a cost effect drinking option. With each “cube”, you get three liters of wine for less than $20! We are nearing Charles Shaw territory here. However, is it drinkable? You don’t buy Wine Cube Pinot Noir because you are getting great wine. You buy it because you are on a tight budget and want a step up from Franzia.

I found the Wine Cube Pinot Noir to be a lighter and less flavorful that I would have preferred. That being said, it was completely drinkable. I could see this as being the perfect option for those on a tight budget who are throwing a party and need a lot of wine for a low price.