Review: Bogle Petite Sirah

Bogle Petite Sirah

Bogle Petite Sirah is a product of the Bogle Vineyards, a family operation currently operated by Warren Bogle, himself a sixth generation California farmer. Bogle cultivates more than 1,500 acres of vineyards, so they are growing a lot of grapes. They specifically introduced the Petite Sirah in 1978. Over the more than 30 years Bogle has been producing it, this Petite Sirah has grown to be one of Bogle’s superstar attractions. Today you can find a bottle of it in practically every supermarket for around $11.

The Bogle Petite Sirah is a full bodied, smooth wine that brings intense smells of dark berries as soon as you pour it into your glass. The wine is particularly opaque and thick as you swirl it in your glass. The flavor on each sip is comprised of those aforementioned berries mixed with some anise and coffee leading to a nice, supple finish.

If it is not already apparent, I really enjoyed this bottle of Bogle Petite Sirah. While it is a little bit more money than what I like to spend for an every day bottle of wine, the quality of the drinking experience definitely justifies the extra few bucks.