Review: Clos Du Bois Pinot Grigio

Clos Du Bois Pinot Grigio

Clos Du Bois, founded by the legendary Frank Wood, has been producing fine wines in California since 1974 with a dedication to producing refined yet approachable wines that all can love. With this mission in place and 800 acres of vineyards between Sonoma and Coastal California under cultivation, Clos Du Bois has risen to the top of the game. The Clos Du Bois Pinot Grigio, a bottle of wine that you can find almost anywhere and is priced just a shade over $10, is a great example of their work.

The Clos Du Bois Pinot Grigio is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes grown from around California. It is aged solely in stainless steel tanks and comes in at 13% abv. Visually, this is a very pale Pinot Grigio, though there is an exquisitely fruit-filled aroma which comes from each glass. The flavor is crisp with notes of white peach and citrus.

I thought that the Clos Du Bois Pinot Grigio was a solid offering. While it did not change my life, it was a very nice wine to enjoy with a meal of pad thai. For the price and ease of finding a bottle, you can do a lot worse than this one.