Review: Grifone Toscana 1967

1967 Grifone Toscana

Grifone Toscana 1967 is one of of the wines I’ve recently noticed in Trader Joe’s every expanding Italian wine section. It seems like only yesterday that all they offered was a single shelf of Chianti to represent this fine country. Then one day, I turned around, and it was like a whole new world of Italian wines all over Trader Joe’s! Oh happy day. This bottle is one of the cheaper options, coming in at $6.

The Grifone Toscana 1967 is, as you probably already know, a blended red wine. While the majority is Sangiovese, it is rounded off with 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Syrah. This wine yield tons of fruit aromas and flavors. They really come at you from all angles. Then, just when you think there isn’t anything else to this wine, a dab of oak sneaks in towards the finish.

Given that this is a very drinkable wine for only $6, it is hard to say anything bad about it. Sure, the Grifone Toscana 1967 is not the best wine in the entire world (nor is it even the best $6 bottle), however it is a solid, drinkable option that is worth picking up next time you’re at Trader Joe’s.